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David Ciantar

General Manger

There was a real need in the market place with our franchisees for bookkeeping and accounting services.

David was looking for a solution that could be rolled out across various franchises easily. He wanted to make sure his franchisees could focus on running their businesses rather than worrying about admin. At befree we worked with David to outline a scalable solution that was easy to implement and low maintenance for franchisees – and most importantly, low cost!

“befree allowed our franchisees to be totally independent and focused on running operational matters.

Michel Sulzbach


I was responsible for not only dealing with clients and business development but also the financial side of things.

Michel was trying to grow his young business, but by having to control the finances he wasn’t able to focus on the business growth. He engaged the services of an accountant, hoping that this would free up his time, but wasn’t satisfied with the accuracy and consistency of his accounts. He gave befree a call and within a week or two we had implemented processes to have work completed accurately and consistently.

Now I have enough time to look at what’s important.

Sandi Reay

Anytime Fitness Bondi Junction and Merrylands

I found myself being drowned in administration and paperwork.

Running multiple gyms, Sandi was overrun by all the day to day administration required to keep her accounts under control. By getting befree involved she’s been able to get away from the admin and focus on growing her business.

The process is really simple and takes the stress of the bookkeeping away from me.

Ryan Key


Before we met befree our accounts weren’t being done very well.

Ryan’s accounts were in a real mess – there were many errors, expenses were being missed and his lodgements were constantly late. This was causing Ryan a great deal of stress and he had no idea where the business was going. By engaging befree, Ryan could have confidence that his accounts were accurate and would always be done on time. This gave him the freedom to focus on his business and sleep easy at night!

Since befree took over control, we’ve found that everything is lodged on time and our accounts are 100% accurate.

Sonja Bernhardt OAM


Befree offers exactly what my business and myself need. Swift service by experience people. The weight has been removed from my shoulders and I am now truely free to go on vacation, and get involved in other areas knowing that my business bookkeeping and accounts are in great hands.

I LOVE befree services, they let me go on holidays.

Sumeet Rupani

Prime Corporation

Befree Team is an integral part of my business as they take away the technical burden of Bookkeeping off my shoulders. This helps me focus on business front as the back-end tasks are being looked after very well by the Befree Team. My business being in the Food & Hospitality Industry, it entails lot of compliance and reporting requirements. They even extend support with reports and statements required by my Tax-Accountant and are very easy to work with.

Befree Team has helped attain these in due time and with great accuracy.

Poppy Melas

Managing Partner
Specialist Opinion Group

We’ve been utilising the bookkeeping services of befree for over a year now. Befree are always willing to go above and beyond in providing their service and are in regular contact to gauge customer satisfaction.

Great customer service.

We have had the pleasure of working with Be Free for the last 6 months with great results. The Be Free Team has been helpful, reliable, responsive and fitted into our small team seamlessly.

We have been able to free up time from core tasks to help our clients with some of the more complex challenges that are involved in the startup journey. We’ve been able to add value for our clients, gain 2 and gained insights along the way which we wouldn’t have been able to achieve without BeFree Team.

Looking forward to seeing where the next 6 months takes us!

Alireza Ehsani

Managing Director
Isochem Australia Pty Ltd.

Isochem have been with Befree since a long time and our bookkeeping operation runs very smoothly enabling us to focus in our other business activities.

Ashish is pretty much on top of what he does and very prompt. Responses on Payables and receivables are good and have started sending reminders to all the debtors which is good. He is at the point where he understands the business in respect to Reporting. If there is any issue, he is responsive by solving it and we are quite happy.

Thanks to Befree for the excellent service provided by your delightful employees


Owner at an Agro Chemical Co. in WA

Befree has been really good at collecting data for the new software and it would help us ln long way to understand our business, better.
Things are going really well & once a new system is implemented, we will involve Disha more into the ways that she is thorough with how our business functions.

“It is always good to talk to Disha, she is gorgeous, really trying hard & is the best. She is always keen to learn new things. we want to involve her in the training with the external software consultant”

I am excited to work with you and can’t think of anything to complain about!

Ka Chan


Befree is exceptional in their knowledge of the local IR and taxation system. JobQuest relies heavily on their expertise in the payroll as well as matters related to the ATO. The information and advice they provide are of such quality that we have no problem in entrusting our financial matters to them. They are always responsive, go truly above and beyond to help us when we need them most.

Befree is now a critical part of JobQuest, not just of our financial system, but the operations of our organization as well.

Tracey Liu

Finance Manager
Livn World

Thank you for the team’s professional help in job keeper, payroll, Super, BAS, IAS lodgement, etc. Great and efficient service from a team of dedicated bookkeeping professionals.

I highly recommend you give Befree a try if you find yourself with mountains of paperwork and either don’t know where to start or are too busy to organize it.

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