Let’s get Super under control for you

There are a huge number of rules you need to know, and getting them wrong can have some pretty significant consequences (like losing a big chunk of your superannuation balance).

Luckily, at Befree we have Self Managed Superannuation specialists in-house who can answer your questions and make sure you don’t risk your super balance just because you didn’t know the rules.

Not only will we explain things in a way you’ll understand, we will also take care of the ongoing accounting, tax and audit work for you. You won’t need to worry about the ATO when you’ve got Befree helping you. Best of all: we charge a fixed price with no surprises!

To find out how to take control of your superannuation please visit: www.befreesuper.com.au.

Our case studies

Nursing, Aged Care & NDIS

How BeFree leveraged the transformation framework, an ecosystem of intelligent technologies and a global delivery model to re-engineer and streamline their client's internal finance and accounting function.

Large Insurance Brokerage

How we solved the accounts staff turnover issues and increased margins and improved profitability for this large Australian Insurance broker.

Retailer/Wholesaler of Electric goods

How we helped implement a cost efficient accounts functions tailor made specifically for the client.

A large timber wholesaler

How we reduced costs and saved this client $30,000 a year.


How we helped map out a systematic accounts process for a complex business and helped reduce bookkeeping costs.

Hospitality client

How we helped clean up the accounts mess and helped implement a completely scalable accounts function.