Maintain a strong and healthy cash flow

Accounts Receivable

We can prepare invoices for you, send them to your clients directly, keep track of who has paid, when they paid, which invoice they paid against and provide you with regular reporting so you can see where things are at.

Gain control over people that owe you money

Imagine you had a dedicated staff member who could follow up with your debtors on a particular day of each week or month all year round. At Befree, we can be that staff member! We will work with you to implement an ongoing system to follow up with your clients to ensure you are getting paid.

What we do

We can send reminders to your debtor before the invoice becomes due or call a debtor on a certain day of the week? We can even chase the debtor after a certain amount of days after the due date?

We can use your email address (e.g. to send friendly email reminders to your customers, we can make follow up calls as a member of your organisation and also send you customised reports giving you complete information about your receivables. We can issue friendly reminders or take a much harder approach – the choice is completely yours. The end result is your clients paying you on time and a much more consistent cash flow!

Our case studies

Nursing, Aged Care & NDIS

How BeFree leveraged the transformation framework, an ecosystem of intelligent technologies and a global delivery model to re-engineer and streamline their client's internal finance and accounting function.

Large Insurance Brokerage

How we solved the accounts staff turnover issues and increased margins and improved profitability for this large Australian Insurance broker.

Retailer/Wholesaler of Electric goods

How we helped implement a cost efficient accounts functions tailor made specifically for the client.

A large timber wholesaler

How we reduced costs and saved this client $30,000 a year.


How we helped map out a systematic accounts process for a complex business and helped reduce bookkeeping costs.

Hospitality client

How we helped clean up the accounts mess and helped implement a completely scalable accounts function.
Benefits at a glance
  • Flexibility for small
    business owners

    You don’t have to hire someone to do this job for you. We give you the flexibility of using our service from as little as half an hour per week through to as many hours as you need.

  • Your own debtor
    management department

    We act on your behalf, even telling your customers we are from your accounts department when making calls and using your nominated email address to send reminders. This adds a high level of professionalism to your business.

  • Discipline

    As a business owner you frequently won’t have time to follow up on debtors yourself, but befree will do it every time without fail. This will add discipline not only to your own organisation, but to your customers when paying your invoices!

  • Cashflow

    The biggest advantage is the stability and increase to your cash flow. Over time your clients will make payments on time because they know they will be getting a call or email as soon as they are late.

  • Bad debtors

    You will also know who is NOT paying your bills even after reminders and follow up calls, allowing you to make decisions on whether to take further legal action or to stop dealing with the customer.

  • Reporting

    A customised report will be sent to you based on your requirements. Our standard reports cover outstanding debtors and updates on the status of payment, responses from overdue debtors and further action.

To gain control over your debtors, Request a quote today and find out how easy it is!